Repair and Troubleshooting

Eastern Sprinklers has years of experience troubleshooting and repairing many different problems that may occur during the season.

Problems we help our customers with may include but are not limited to anything from poor water pressure, cut sprinkler lines due to construction or landscaping, cycling pumps, electrical problems etc.

Spring Start Up


New Installation

Eastern Sprinklers designs new systems with customer input to provide coverage for all areas needed.

We only use the best products for our installs including, but not limited to Hunter and Rainmaster.

Once our systems are installed we pride ourselves in making them as maintenance free as possible.

Redesign or Expansion

Eastern Sprinklers will redesign and expand any system to accommodate for new pools, new landscape, flower gardens etc.

We also redesign systems that were incorrectly installed.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a system design to save water by allowing it to go directly to the root of the plant. This is done through a series of narrow tubing, pipes, valves and emitters. We are experienced with this type of system and install it frequently.

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